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Teeth Whitening Specialist

Farshin Farokhian, DDS -  - Cosmetic Dentist

Farshin Farokhian, DDS

Cosmetic Dentist & General Dentist located in Hillcrest, San Diego, CA

When your teeth are discolored or stained, you might feel reluctant to smile when you’re around other people. If you have teeth stains or discolorations in noticeable areas, such as in the front of your mouth, you might benefit from teeth whitening. Farshin Farokhian, DDS, offers in-house bleaching kits for patients in the Hillcrest area of San Diego, California, who want brighter teeth and a more beautiful smile.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Why are my teeth discolored?

Your teeth can develop discoloration or stains for different reasons. Some of these include the following:

  • Having red wine, tea, or coffee on a regular basis, since these leave teeth stains
  • Being a smoker, since nicotine products stain teeth
  • Having tooth injuries or trauma
  • Taking some types of medications, such as certain antibiotics
  • Getting older and having the inner part of your tooth, which is more yellowish, become more visible

Am I a good candidate for teeth whitening?

If you have teeth with mild stains or discolorations, such as those you get from drinking tea, you might be a suitable candidate for teeth whitening. Darker or heavier stains don’t always work as well with teeth whitening. Dr. Farokhian will let you know if you’re a good candidate for this treatment or if you’d be better off with dental veneers to hide stains.

How much brighter will my teeth get?

The results you’ll get with teeth whitening depend on the type of treatment you get, the kinds of stains you have, and how severe they are. Over-the-counter products don’t provide results that are as effective as professional products.

Dr. Farshin Farokhian offers in-house bleaching kits that can reduce the appearance of many stains, including ones from coffee or the aging process. Keep in mind that you might not get results that are as effective if you have grayish medication stains or heavy discoloration.

What are the benefits of using in-house bleaching kits?

You can use the in-house bleaching kit Dr. Farokhian gives you in the comfort of your own home rather than having teeth whitening done in the office. That provides you with a more convenient way to brighten your teeth on your schedule.

These bleaching kits include custom trays and a whitening gel. You put the gel in the tray and place it in your mouth for a certain amount of time. You don’t have to worry about scheduling as many appointments when you use these kits since you use them outside the office.

How long do I need to use in-house bleaching kits?

It can vary depending on the kind you get. In some cases, these kits are used for roughly two weeks. Dr. Farokhian will let you know the length of time you can expect to use your in-house bleaching kit.

If you need teeth whitening, please contact Farshin Farokhian, DDS, to schedule an appointment.